Mark Studer

UX Design Portfolio

About me

When I was 18 years old I worked for one year as a repair man at a service point of Nokia. It was there that I realised what I wanted to do with my live. Everyday I got dosens of people complaining about small or big problems with their phones. At one point  I realised that still so much could be improved about the usability of these electronic products.

Thats why I started to pursue a career in User Experience and Interaction design, this portfolio showcases a handfull of projects that I did during my studies Industriel Design Bachelor at the technical University of Eindhoven and Deisgn for Interaction Master at the technical University of Delft.

During these 7 years of designing interactive products or installations in various projects, I acquired a specific skill set:

  • I have strong knowledge of user-centered design.
  • I can think creatively and have the ability to explore and solve complex user experience and interaction design problems.
  • I’m able to work in an agile (rapid and iterative) product design and development context
  • I have the ability to facilitate requirements gathering, ideation and collaborative workshops with stakeholders and users; I have strong communication skills with technical and non-technical people.
  • And I am always enthusiastic for working collaboratively with other user experience designers, information architects, graphic designers, researchers, developers, and team members.

As a designer my vision is that technologies can enhance a humans life but only when it is designed with the right goals in mind.

For more information about me, please download my CV (dutch & (english).