Mark Studer

UX Design Portfolio


For this project, we collaborated with KOMPAN, one of the largest playground manufacturers to create a play space for open ended play. Our group decided to focus on creating a play space for the street youth, as we think that it is a niche market that is worth developing on. The hangjongrens are a group of adolescent who likes to hang around with each other but they are often not able to find a place where they could do so comfortably. Hence, we felt that there was an opportunity to design a play space for these teenagers with the application of emergent play.

“ROC encourages emergent behaviour to stimulate the creative playfulness.”

The ROC consist of a system of interactive chairs in an outdoor area which enables the youth to socialist with their friends in a space that truly belongs to them. ROC encourages emergent play with various degrees of interaction, depending on how the user interacts with the chairs. The ROC reflects various  kind of personalities through the different approaches that the user interacts with the agent and it also changes the atmosphere around it in this process.


ROC is a project that focuses on open ended play with the implementation of a decentralized approach. A decentralized approach is an approach in which there is no central controlling object in the system. Instead of having a core object that controls the system, every agent is made to have their own identity and they are able to not only interact with the players but also the other objects.


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