Mark Studer

UX Design Portfolio


Currently I’m involved in the zepcam video camera project, in this project the challenge is to design a wearable video streaming device for remote workers in the Offshore.  The Dutch company zepcam provides wearable video technology for police officers and fireman in the Netherlands but in the remote engineering field there are different needs and preferences to what the system needs to be and can provide for the user.

“The next zepcam must be truly intuitive in use to prevent any accidents in these extreme environments.”

The project is executed by a multidisciplinary design team, of which I’m responsible for the UX part of the designs. To design a truly feasible concept asks for a close relation ship with different stakeholders trough out the whole design process, e. g.: remote workers, client, costumers, safety departments, researchers, software & hardware engineers etc. Intensive research has been done in understanding the needs and the environment of the user and trough co-creation the user has been closely involved in the design.

Until February 2013, I cannot give any details away of the final concept because the project is still under development, but here are some preview shots and a user testing video.



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