Mark Studer

UX Design Portfolio

Internship: Kompan

For my Bachelor internship, I did a project for KOMPAN (the worlds largest playground manufacturer) in cooperation with dutch artist Fenneke Hordijk, designing a playground for children of the age-group 2-16 years. The playground provides children, and on a lower level parents or caretakers, with mainly 3 important aspects, namely developing language while playing, stimulating multilingualism and developing multiple intelligences such as verbal, logical/mathematical and musical/rhythmical.

“The Tune Snake is made with children for children, with the vision from an artist.”

The final concept is a combination of the ideas of Fenneke that supports the vision of Kompan. The idea is that children can play on the ‘Tune Snake’ while they will be stimulated to form words on it. By climbing on the snake and touching the different letters on it, they will light up. When a correct order of the letters is touched, thus a correct word is spelled, the snake will give a reward by confirming the word. All the sound effects are spoken by local children to increase involvement and personal attachment to the playground. The ‘Tune Snake’ is an open ended design, meaning there are no rules for games; children are free to create and play their own games stimulating creativity.


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