Mark Studer

UX Design Portfolio


Albedo was a extra curricular activity, which started out of a personal frustration from DJ preformances now a days. The fact that background visuals at Dj preformances are randomnly portrayed stands in contrast to the cearfully selected and mixed music. This is  why I started the collective Albedo, a collective that consist out of 4 artist 2 DJ’s and 2 VJ’s. With the main purpose to give visuals a equal stage as the music. With albedo I tried to look for the boundries of what is a live preformance and what is a cinematography project.

“Albedo  combines prodigious visuals with an exceptional sound to create a unique experience.”


ALBEDO is the combined power of the musical and visual knowledge of Poulet, Que, Curly Jet.

Who guide you through a futuristic journey of to the most phenomenal and influential electronic music ever being composed. The sounds of the duo Poulet and Que are specifically selected and are bound to make you dance. The show is contains carefully synchronised visuals by Curly and Jet, who impact the audience through an intriguing experience.

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