Mark Studer

UX Design Portfolio


With SPEC., teenagers can communicate with their favourite hangout places, see who’s there and even talk to them. Spec. is placed trough out the city on several spots were most of the youngsters like to come and gather like, playgrounds, cinema’s, squares, skate parks or next to fast-food restaurants. Spec. provides a window into the city from out of your own room or where ever you on your mobile phone.

“SPEC. decreases the step to enter the city for youngsters by giving them a window into the city from out their own comfort zone.”

In my research, I noticed that a trend has become that after school, youngsters go home, watch tv, play online and socialise with friends on social media platforms behind the computer. Going with your friends towards the city has become a big step mainly because the just don’t know who is there. Could be junks or bullies but it could just have been your best friends playing a game of soccer.The ability to spot you friends in the city will lower the step for youngsters to go out and explore the city. And by actually communicating you can make appointments with your friends without having to send them again a text message.


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