Mark Studer

UX Design Portfolio


Dygra stands for Dynamic Graphics and its and background app that tackles acommon problem among phone users. The question why somebody isn’t picking up his phone. While with standard apps you have to change your status manually each time.Dygra changes in a smart way and unconsciously your status which gets show by a dynamic visualisation at your friends phone. These days Calling is like ringing a doorbell,you see the lights on but your friend is not coming to the door. You don’t know what the person is doing having a shower or playing loud music. The same counts for phone users you don’t know if a person is in a meeting or cycling home and to overcome accidental voicemail costs we would like our app to focus on these situations.

“A simple dynamic representation of your friends environment.”

The background on the mobile phone will consist out of three movies that represent three friends. The mobile phone will use its gyroscopes, microphone and accelerometers in order to predict which part of the movie to play. The screen will move fluently over the movie towards each corner for unconscious and natural flow.

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